Friday, October 17, 2008

I got tagged for the Three Things thingy by SusieQ!

3 Joys

1. My friends. I don't know how long it has been since I've had such good ones!

2. My kitty cats. They are so cute and loveable. I'm so happy to have them.

3. Quiet, peaceful, solitary time in the early mornings.

3 Fears

1. Drowning

2. Being 50 and still sitting in a cubicle working for the man.

3. That something happens to my kitties.

3 Goals

1. Self Employment

2. Finish knitting the Dr. Who scarf for my hubby :)

3. Make it through the holidays relatively unscathed.

3 Current Obsessions

1. The Twilight books

2. Knitting

3. Tea (thanks Heidi!)

3 Random/Surprising Facts

1. I've never worn braces in my life.

2. I have a very good sense of direction.

3. I can't come up with really interesting facts at 7:57 AM :)

Now, I'm supposed to tag 3 people but I don't have the slightest idea who to tag, so I am going to let people tag themselves! Hahahahahaha!

Happy Friday People!!! WE MADE IT!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Today I went to Hawaiian Falls water park with my good friend Heidi and her 2 daughters. We had so much fun. It was a very nice and relaxing day. Heidi and I went on the lazy river and in the wave pool a couple of times and then spent the rest of the time in our cabana. That's right, our own personal cabana. It was awesome! Our own space to sit and put our stuff, no worrying about claiming enough chairs or anything like that. But the best part .... we had our own personal cabana boy! Well in our case it was a girl :) Anything we wanted, she would go get it for us. We had some sno-cones and some beverages. It wasn't blazing hot today even though it was warm and we did catch a few rays off and on. Not to worry though, I still love my pool - but it was nice to get out and about with friends for a day.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saturday in the Park .... and the Pool.

Summer is here. This past Saturday the 14th was World Wide Knit in Public Day so several of us from my local yarn shop, Yarns Ewenique, met across the street from the shop in the Veteran's Memorial Park from 9am-12pm to knit in public. Mostly to raise awareness of the craft.

Since it was also Flag Day there was more traffic than I'd originally thought. There must have been some sort of race going on near by because about the time we showed up to start, groups of people were walking by with those numbers pinned to their shirts. I assume they were on their way home after running.

We had about a dozen ladies, most I knew, a couple I didn't, and we sat and knit and chatted. People waved and said hello. One lady pulled up in her car and asked if we were celebrating Flag Day. That was kinda funny. We told her why we were there and she started clapping. Little old ladies are cute that way.

We didn't actually make it all the way until noon. Around 11:30am the breeze turned hot and it just got too icky to sit outside. So, we called it a day and all packed it in. Several of us went back over to the shop to sit in the nice cool air for a while. There was another group we heard about who were supposed to be knitting from 9am to 6pm on the lawn of a local museum near by the yarn shop. The particular lawn they said they would be on has zero shade at all. I wondered if they were going to have those tent type things so they didn't all die of heat stroke. When I drove past on my way home, I saw they were all up next to the museum building under the shade. I was glad to see that.

Later that afternoon I had some friends over to swim at my house. We had a blast! There were about 10 of us and we just laughed and talked and floated all afternoon. We munched on chips and had various and sundry adult beverages. After we were sufficiently pruned up and sun burned, we went inside and ordered pizza for dinner. I had a great time with the girls I already knew pretty well and got to know a few others a lot better. We will definitely do that again soon, such a good time :)

Even though at the end of the day I was dead beat, that was the most fun I've had in a long long while. Thanks to all my good friends who spent the day with me. I love y'all!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Almost Birthday to Me!

Tomorrow is my birthday! Yep, Easter. This is the only year in my entire lifetime that my birthday will be on Easter. The last time Easter was on March 23rd was in 1913 and the next time Easter will be on March 23rd is in 2160.

The method of determining when Easter will be is kinda strange. Simplified it is: Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring Equinox. So, this year it all happens really early. Spring Equinox was on the 20th (a Thursday), we had a full moon last night on the 21st (a Friday), and the first Sunday following is tomorrow - the 23rd.

I'm not really all that jazzed to share my birthday with Easter this year. Mostly because Easter is all about families doing things like church or egg hunts or Easter bunnies. Plus a lot of places are closed on Easter - it just complicates things. So, I decided to have a big celebration yesterday!

We had a short work day, got to leave at 3pm - being Good Friday and all - so I headed over to a place called Gloria's (Mexican Food, yum!) for a Happy Birthday to Me happy hour with a bunch of friends. There were about 15 or so people there off and on, and I had a blast! I had 1 or 2 (ok, more like 6) Mango Margaritas - wow they were good - and laughed A LOT. I have really great friends :) After it died down a little, 6 of us went to eat at Kincaid's, a famous local burger joint. They have the BEST fried okra ever! Of course I had some ...

After the drinking and the eating, hubby and I went home for a sec to check on the kitties and then we went to a shop near our house and I got my nose pierced! I'd been wanting to for a while, pondering and researching. I finally decided to go for it. It hurt for a second or two, my eyes watered (even though I had them closed like I was supposed to), and unlike your ears - it bleeds a bit when you get your nose pierced. Not horrible or anything, I'd just never thought about that. The lady doing the piercing did warn me though, so I didn't freak out. It's a little tender now and it looks like my nose is a tad swollen but not freakish or anything :).

All of this and its not even my birthday yet! Today I'm going with my friend Debora to a sewing shop to look at sewing machines. That will be my birthday present to myself. I'm quite excited about it. I have lots of ideas of things I would like to make. After that I'll head over to my local yarn shop to hang out and knit. I'm already working on my next pair of socks of course! And I'm also using the left over yarn from the 2 pairs of socks that I've finished to make some socks for my iPod, ha! I'm taking all of next week off for vacation, lots of relaxing and hanging out with a little bit of household chores thrown in.

That's about all for now .... stay tuned for more updates as they happen :)

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Monday, January 21, 2008

So much fun!

I just got home from a game night with some girlfriends. We had a blast ... we laughed, ate, played, talked and laughed some more. We went over to my friend Debora's house and joining us was Angel, Amanda and Jenn - so 5 in all. We had pizza and other snacks and played Apples to Apples, Mad Gab, SkipBo and Can't Stop. All great games! I love my friends and so glad I found them.

I'm tired now and going to sleep .... oh yeah, I'm to the heel on my 2nd pair of socks, yay!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Which dwarf are you?

Because I ... I am sneezy. I do NOT know what is going on around here but I have seriously sneezed about 40 times in the past 2 days. And although I am known to exaggerate at times - this time I am not. Did something blow in with all this wind we are having? I am taking my allergy medication as directed but it's like I shouldn't even bother!

I want to thank everyone who left me comments the past few days, I really appreciate it more than you'll ever know. I'm having a hard time right now and it helps immensely to know that there are people out there who feel the same way.

Oh ... dang ... here comes another one! I better go grab a Kleenex ...

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Friend Like Me

Yesterday was my friend Mark's birthday (Happy Birthday 3!!!!), we went to Baylor together and during our senior year there we literally went to see the movie Aladdin in the theater over 15 times. It was some of the best fun I'd ever had! He'd call me up and say "Aladdin at 3:10" to which I'd answer "I'll be outside" and he'd come by and pick me up and we'd go watch it again. Every time it was incredible. So, here is one of our favorite songs for you to enjoy .... take it away Genie!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just Got Home

From the most fun night I've had in several weeks! My friend Debora and I went to see Duran Duran tonight and it was awesomely incredible! We had such a great time :) The guys were in top form, looked great and sounded fantastic. Our seats were spectacular! We sang and screamed and clapped and danced til we collapsed. I'm now exhausted with not much of a voice left and a killer ringing in my ears but I don't care :) I wished it had gone on for another 2 hours. They are still my favorite band after all these years, and I will continue to see them in concert as long as they keep touring. 4th time and counting .....

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Her Name is Rio ...

I just got tickets to go see Duran Duran on December 12!!!!

I was so jealous of my friend Peg who lives in NJ and was able to go see them a few weeks ago. Then this morning I received an email from Ticketmaster saying that the pre-sale of tickets started at 10AM this morning if you had the radio station pre-sale code - which I did! Yay me :)

So I went on and got 2 tickets .. not really sure who will be going with me yet. Probably my friend Lisa, we went together to the last concert in Feb of 06. This will be my 4th time to see them .. pulling them ahead of all other acts I've seen multiple times. I've seen Rod Stewart and George Strait 3 times each - so this breaks the 3 way tie. Heh!

OK enough rambling about the kewlest band ever. Back to work ...

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Giving Something Back

Today I'm going to meet some of my crochet friends for a charity crochet day. We will be making squares that will then be put together for blankets and given to those in need. I'm excited to be doing something to help others, and it'll be fun too! Since I've been knitting a lot lately I hope I can jump back into the crocheting without any problems. I'm sure I can :) Plus my friends will be there to help me if I need it, of course that will come at a price. I'm sure I will be called a traitor for crossing over to the "dark side" by learning to knit, but oh well! I'll have to post a picture of the socks I'm knitting, they are really cool looking I think.

Alright, well its time to make like a baby and head out. See ya!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ANOTHER Kitty Cat????

Ha! Fooled ya :) It is another kitty cat, but this one is crocheted and actually for my friend Gerald. He has named her Akira, and she is very cute.

Kitty Cat Laying Down Kitty Cat

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Brain is Weird

Here's a conversation I just had with a very good friend of mine on IM ....
and if you are a LOST watcher (if you aren't your brain must be broken) there is sort of a spoiler from last nights episode, don't say I didn't warn you.

Her: look at the red dude!
Her: that’s awesome
Me: he's all mad cuz ben shot locke
Her: haha
Me: and killed uncle rico
Her: poor uncle rico
Me: i know
Me: now he'll never make it to state
Her: haha
Her: I'm going to have to watch that again
Her: I was listening to Canned Heat on my way to work out last night...from his little "skit" and just started cracking up
Her: it does make me wanna boogie
Me: boogie oogie oogie?
Her: haha yeah
Me: til you just can't boogie no moare
Me: wow, what was that spelling?
Her: I dont know
Me: i guess i was thinking moar, like boar
Her: haha
Me: i mean it makes sense .... moat like boat
Me: moar like boar
Me: which means we should spell moast like boast
Her: hahaha
Me: (and toast)
Her: lol
Me: and there is also mode and bode
Her: wow
Me: munch and bunch
Me: oh but wait .... i guess technically there is a bore .. so i guess more is acceptable
Me: my brain is weird
Her: YOU are weird.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rascally Raccoon

Here's my next critter, this is a Raccoon I made for my friend Brandon at work. I think its eyes are a little goofy, but then again .. Brandon is a little goofy so I think its appropriate. Enjoy!

Raccoon from Right

Raccoon Tail Raccoon from above .. sort of Raccoon Face

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Monkey Redux

I've finished my second monkey! Tho this one was made from a different pattern. It's from a pattern that was written by a member of which is a forum about crochet that I read. It's from her "lazy days" series ... so you'll notice this monkey is laying down!

This monkey is for my friend Rachel, I'll post the name as soon as she's named it (and decided if it is a him or a her).

Monkey for Rachel

Monkey at an angle Monkey tail Monkey profile

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This ain't Monopoly

We had a few friends over yesterday to play some games. Now, when I say games .. I don't mean Monopoly, Parcheesi or Clue. Nor do I mean Charades or Pictionary. Not that I have anything against any of those games. I don't. I actually like those games. But these games are different. We took it a little easy on them since this was their first introduction to "our" kind of games.

First, we played Blokus - which is a Tetris-y/Puzzle type game. I love this game because it starts out really easy and then gets harder the longer it goes on. Plus I love puzzles so this is right up my alley.

Then we attempted to play some Ricochet Robot, which my husband LOVES, but I am horrible at. It is also sort of a puzzle type game but it hurts my brain to try it. You have these robots and you have to make them ricochet off walls and each other to move a certain color robot to a matching color spot on the board. Ouch.

Next was another one of my favorites, Mamma Mia! This is a card game where the object is to try and "bake" pizzas. Its a fast game, and although the instructions are monstrous to try and interpret, once you know how to play it makes a lot of sense and is fun to play.

After that we played SEVERAL rounds of Apples to Apples, which is a fun big group game! It's completely based on what cards you have in your hand and the whim of the "judge" for that round as to whether or not your card will win. We had lots of fun with this one, but I will say - this game gets really crazy after everyones had a few drinks.

Lastly we finished up with a round of Tutto (or 'Volle Lotte' or 'Fill or Bust'). This game has several names ... makes it a little confusing. It is a dice/card game where you attempt to score all the dice to get bonus points that are shown on the cards. But miss one, and you lose all your points.

All in all we had a great time. Next time we will have to break out some of the big guns of more unusual games :) Thanks to the friends who were able to make it ... and we look forward to many more game days in the future!!!

BTW .. All links to games are pointing to which is a site ran by a friend of my hubby's. If anyone wants to know more about any kind of board/card/dice/etc. game out there you should check it out!

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Friday, March 2, 2007

Productive Use of Time on a Friday

This is my friend Brandon ... he made a "music video" from a song clip I found. The song is from a band called Undercover, I used to play the crap out of their album (yes, on vinyl) titled God Rules when I was about 14. They were (or I guess, are) a punk/ska Christian band. Yeah, I know. You wouldn't think those things would go together. The song is "Jesus Is The Best" .... take it away Brandon .....

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sad Hour

Last night we had a "happy hour" for a very good friend of mine who is leaving the company I work for and going elsewhere. When I sent out the invite I labeled it "Sad Hour" because I am so sad she is leaving .... Sad for me that is. Thrilled for her. I can remember being the person who was leaving a job and being scared, happy, excited, hopeful, sad, overwhelmed and nostalgic all at the same time. I envy her in a way, even though I like my job a lot. Just the sheer possibilities that are opening up to her right now, the world is a blank canvas.

The older you get the more tied you are to certain things in life. A house, bills, responsibilities, family. Sometimes I long for the time when I really didn't have to do much more than what I felt like doing at that very moment. But then I remember that I lived hand to mouth and moved around a lot and had a lot of uncertainty about whether or not I'd be able to pay rent and eat more than cereal. So, there are good and bad things about both situations.

Anyway, so to my very good friend (and you know who you are) ... I will miss seeing you at work every day, but this will only open up a new chapter of our friendship. After all, pool season is coming up right around the corner, and you know how I hate swimming alone!


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