Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome Back ... no, not you Mr. Kotter

Fall TV is finally starting back up. Does anyone else feel like its been a zillion years since we had a good several months in a row of TV. That stupid writers strike really jacked everything up last season. My DVR is chugging away recording all my shows, and since I hosted my girls knit night yesterday I haven't watched any of the Monday shows yet - so bear with me on that. For that matter, bear with me on the Tuesday shows too!

Tonight I watched the season finale of 'Burn Notice'. I love that show! Bruce Campbell cracks me up and I think Gabrielle Anwar is amazing as Fiona. Before this show I didn't really know who Jeffrey Donovan was (although, a friend told me she recently saw a rerun of Crossing Jordan in which he guest starred, so I have to have at least seen him once since I never missed that show.) and I have to say that I think he is really cute and love him in this role. His smile makes me smile and his laugh is music to my ears. His characters Mom and Brother are annoying to me, but I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be. Sharon Gles is really good though ... The guy who plays the brother (Seth Peterson) I've only had exposure to minimally when he was on the old show Providence, and I didn't like his character on that either. Anyhoo - very good season finale I thought. Good cliffhanger and new episodes will be back this winter so we don't have to wait too long to see what happens with Michael Westen and his quest to find out who burned him!

After that I watched last weeks episode of 'Bones'. I just can't get enough of this show! The chemistry between Booth and Brennan is perfection. Dr. Sweets is growing on me week by week, I think he's a good go between for the characters and he is a lot smarter than they give him credit for. I'm very sad that Hodgins and Angela aren't together anymore and I can't say that I'm sad that Zack is gone - he bugged me. I think that Cam is good as the boss, and I hope they don't try to pick back up anything with her and Booth. Ugh. I will admit that I have a little bit of a girl crush on Michaela Conlin. I think she is just simply beautiful. Plus the character of Angela is awesome ... I mean, c'mon ... her dad is one of the ZZ Top dudes! Who doesn't dig that?? I'm looking forward to some great episodes this season, although last weeks topic of dog fighting just tears me up inside and this episode actually had me shedding a few tears.

Other things I'm watching ... 'Fringe' on Fox. Have only watched the pilot so far, but I really liked it. I never watched Dawson's Creek so I don't have this whole thing about Joshua Jackson, well except for the fact that he was on Dawson's Creek and I always thought that show was sorta pansy. Oh well, what do I know - I never even watched it! Ha :) I'm excited to have a new 'X-Files' ish type show on the air again. Hopefully it won't get too into itself and get all snotty and stuff.

I can't say that I'm watching too many new shows this season. I really got burned last season with some fantastic new shows that were pulled. I'm still freaking bitter as all hell about 'Journeyman'. That was an awesome good show with great casting. It's a shame that it didn't get more of a chance to grow the audience. Also, as cheesy as it was i'm not happy that 'Moonlight' is gone. As some of you know, I'm quite the vampire lover. I admit that Mick and Beth were a bit much to handle, but I am addicted to vampires. I wonder if there is a group for that?

One good turn is that 'The Big Bang Theory' is back this season. That show freakin cracks me up! All 4 of the main guys are so great individually and together. Raj killed me when he was walking around with his laptop on a web cam chat with his parents. They were all yelling "Turn us around! We can't see anyone!" I almost fell off the couch. Howard is the biggest nerd ever, lives with his mom and hits on anything with boobs. I think we've all met someone like this in real life and that is what makes him so funny. Sheldon is just beyond words. His lack of social skills makes for constant hilarity and when paired with Leonard - well that's just good TV there people. I'm thrilled that this fantastic show survived the strike. At least they got one thing right.

Oh, well one other new show this season that i'm giving a go is 'True Blood' on HBO. It is based on the Southern Vampire Mystery books by Charlaine Harris. I've been reading the books in anticipation of the show coming out. So far I'm digging it. Now ... it is no Buffy or Angel. And it CERTAINLY is no Twilight Saga. But it is good for entertainment, that is for sure. Plus, as we have already established. Vampires = Me Likey. Heh.

Alright, well I've rambled enough about TV for now. Til next time ...


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