Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is there anyone out there ... anyone out there ...

Hello? People? Is anyone listening? I just wonder because nobody ever leaves me any comments. (Except Emily that one time when I posted my sock pictures, thanks Emily!) Am I boring? Or maybe it is just that I have such complete thoughts that there is nothing more to add. Heh, I think not. So lets have a show of hands .... who is out there?


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

It's about 6:30pm on Christmas Night and it's been a great day! We saw all the family on Sunday and Monday so today was just a quiet day for the 2 of us. We woke up this morning and had some cinnamon rolls and then opened the presents :) We cheated a little and opened one thing each on Saturday. James opened his computer stuff - 2 new video cards and Windows Vista - and I opened my new camera!!! I love it and have already taken a zillion pictures. This morning I opened my new watch!!! So those are the 2 things I asked for and I got exactly what I wanted, I'm so happy! Then to top it all off I got a camera bag, a book about my camera, and 2 games. I also got some gift cards and my Mom's silver collectible spoon collection, which was really special. It's back to work tomorrow, at least for 3 days :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Friend Like Me

Yesterday was my friend Mark's birthday (Happy Birthday 3!!!!), we went to Baylor together and during our senior year there we literally went to see the movie Aladdin in the theater over 15 times. It was some of the best fun I'd ever had! He'd call me up and say "Aladdin at 3:10" to which I'd answer "I'll be outside" and he'd come by and pick me up and we'd go watch it again. Every time it was incredible. So, here is one of our favorite songs for you to enjoy .... take it away Genie!

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Close Up

None of my pictures from the Duran Duran concert really came out very well ... I only had my iPhone with me, I didn't think they'd let us bring actual cameras into the concert (but apparently they would cuz there were tons of people snapping away all night), oh well. I was moving around too much during the concert itself to have any of the guys that aren't horribly blurry - but I did get this one of the stage from our seats when they were setting up. So you can see how close we were to the stage!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just Got Home

From the most fun night I've had in several weeks! My friend Debora and I went to see Duran Duran tonight and it was awesomely incredible! We had such a great time :) The guys were in top form, looked great and sounded fantastic. Our seats were spectacular! We sang and screamed and clapped and danced til we collapsed. I'm now exhausted with not much of a voice left and a killer ringing in my ears but I don't care :) I wished it had gone on for another 2 hours. They are still my favorite band after all these years, and I will continue to see them in concert as long as they keep touring. 4th time and counting .....

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why I Hate Dance Music

It is 10 PM here ... on Tuesday. Some neighbors of ours about 3 or 4 houses down are having a party. I shouldn't know that. But I can hear every single stinking beat of their damn dance/house music all the way inside my living room. It's been playing since I got home at 6 PM. I don't know what to do. I've not had the best day today as it is, I'm a little on the grumpy and irritable side and this isn't helping matters. People need to learn manners and take those around them into consideration. I know for a fact that people around here have little kids. They can't be happy that some dipshit is playing his crappy music loud enough to damage hearing and keeping their little munchkin awake. Should I call the cops? I really don't know what the protocol is in this situation. We have an HOA, do I call one of them? This is in clear violation of the rules of our HOA ... I keep hoping now that it is 10 PM that they will shut it down. I don't care if they party all night long, just keep it quiet so that I can't hear it 4 houses away. Thanks.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Socks

I just finished my first pair of hand-knitted socks. I'm very proud of them, and myself for getting them done!

Friday, December 7, 2007

This is so true.

p.s. happy birthday peg!!!!

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