Monday, October 29, 2007

Vacation Withdrawl

All of the sudden today I'm very sad to be back home from vacation. I wish so bad that we were back in Germany with the cool air and beautiful scenery. With everything in walking distance, or a couple of U-Bahn stops away. All the fabulous bakeries with their pastries and breads. I miss seeing all the tiny Smart Cars zipping along the roads with the crazy street signs. I wish I could hear the sound of German being spoken all around me.

I guess that's how you know it was a good vacation, because you long to be back there and think of it fondly. We will go back again. I promise.


Friday, October 26, 2007

I'll Never Understand

I realize that I probably won't be in the majority with this opinion but I don't care.

Why do pregnant women feel they must walk around rubbing their bellies? Or just holding them? Or pointing them out in any other subtle (or unsubtle) way? Do they think that others don't realize they are pregnant? Are they subconsciously trying to bring this fact to everyone's attention?

Having never been pregnant I really wouldn't know, but also as someone who has never been pregnant, this is annoying to me.

I just wanted to say my peace.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Minor Delay

So sorry for the delay in posting that we got home safely! We did :)

My Mom came and picked us up at the airport on Sunday at around 11ish and drove us home. We were so tired we couldn't even think straight. We arrived at the house around Noon and immediately loved on the kitties a whole bunch. We checked the voice mail (nothing but crap) and Hubby started dumping things out of the suitcases, making piles of laundry on the floor. I ran over to Whataburger to get us some good 'ol American junk food and after we ate we pretty much collapsed. Hubby took a shower and just went to bed. I tried to stay awake but ended up falling asleep on the couch at some point. Then Hubby's Mom called at around 3:30pm and it woke me up.

After that I went and took a shower and went to sleep. At 4pm. And woke up at 1am. Apparently we'd just missed each other cuz Hubby had been up at some point when I was asleep. I stayed up for a couple of hours then went back to bed. We continued on with this pattern for the next day or so - sleeping at odd hours and what not. I'm still a little jacked up since I fell asleep on the couch last night at around 7:30 and went up to bed right at 9pm. And I woke up before the alarm at about 5 this morning. Of course I did have a kitty girl laying on me ... So, I just petted her for about an hour before I finally got up at 6am.

Anyway, this must be the most boring post ever! About my sleeping habits after coming home from vacation. *sigh* I'm headed back to work today (ick), but I'll be glad to see all my friends. I really missed them.

I better go get ready now, have a great day everyone!!!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Coming to America

Sunday, October 21st; 1:50am New York City Time

We are back in the USA! We arrived a little past 11pm last night and got through customs by about midnight. Our flight to Dallas leaves at 7:55am so we are just hanging in the airport waiting for time to check in. I think they'll let us check in at 3am, so here's hoping.

We had SUCH a good time but are SOOOOO glad to be going home! We miss our kitties something awful, and our bed, and shower, and TV, and Tivo, and couch, and cars, and I could go on for a while with this.

I have a few things left to talk about with regards to our trip, but I will have to do those when I'm not half asleep.

So take care everyone, til next time ...


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Games Games and More Games

Thursday, October 18th; 11:45pm Essen Time

Real quick ... here are the games we bought today:

Me ...

James ...

More info and pictures tomorrow ... I'm going to sleep now!

Til next time ...

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trip to Essen

Wednesday, October 17th; 11:03pm Essen Time

Hello! We made it to Essen this afternoon and hooked back up with our friends we are traveling with. The trip here was sorta funny, I'll get to that in a few minutes ....

First, this morning we went to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. The trip there was pretty easy, train and one bus. We got there right after 9am when they open. It was still pretty quiet. We picked up a guide handout with a map and some information and headed off.

I'd been once before when I was 12, with my Grandparents, and was pretty reluctant to go back. But Hubby really wanted to see it and I didn't want him to have to go alone, plus I thought it might be interesting to see it again as an adult. We walked down the road to the front entrance gate, and I was struck at how beautiful this walk was. There was a small river running next to the road and there were gorgeous tall trees on either side. When we got to the front gate it looked rather plain, If you hadn't known what went on there you'd probably not have guessed it. Except, of course, for the "Arbeit Macht Frei" on the black iron gate. "Work Makes Us Free". Right.

It was a little different than I remembered, of course it had been 24 years. There is a museum of sorts now in the main Maintenance Building with lots of photos and information. We didn't have a ton of time so we only read some of the boards. Towards then end when they started in with the pictures and stories of the torture and human medical experiments I had a hard time and didn't read much more. Then we went to the bunker, which is where most of the torture and experiments happened. There wasn't much there really, but you could see the small cells where they would keep the prisoners who they were "interrogating" and what not. So inhumane. It makes me physically ill to think that there were people who could do such things to their fellow humans. I am so sad that there are people like this in the world.

Because of my feet - blisters! - I have been walking pretty slow the past few days, and since we were short on time, James went on to see the last part without me. See, it was alllllll the way on the other side of the camp. Plus it was the part that has pretty much haunted me since I was there 24 years ago. He visited the "Krematorium", where the gas chamber was for mass executions and the ovens to burn the bodies.

Enough about that. We then headed back to the hotel to pick up our bags and catch a train to the airport for our flight to Dusseldorf. That was uneventful and we arrived at the airport with plenty of time to have some lunch before our flight. The time came for our flight to begin boarding so we passed over our tickets and went through the little gate thingy .... and down 4 flights of stairs .... to a BUS. Uhm. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be flying to Dusseldorf. Ha! The bus loaded up and then we drove, and drove, and drove, oh yeah, and then drove some more. To a tarmac where there was a plane waiting with steps leading up to the doors. So weird! We climbed the steps and found our seats. Luckily it wasn't very crowded so we got to stretch out some.

After we arrived in Dusseldorf, we decided to chill and wait for our friends who were arriving a couple of hours after us. They showed up and we caught a train to Essen. The wrong train. Oops! Not too much of a biggie, we got off and found the right train and got here just a little late. We checked in to our rooms (nicer than London, not quite as nice as Munich) and then went to eat at a good Italian place close by called Alfredo's.

Now we are back and about to head off to sleepy land so we can get up in the morning and head off to Spiel Essen!!! The "main" reason for this entire trip :)

Check out all the newest pictures on my Flickr page (of course).

Til next time ...

p.s. it's raining here and 50 degrees!


Quick but Fabulous

Wednesday, October 17th; 7:05 am Munich Time

I only have a few minutes as we are trying to get up and packed and out the door by about 8 to head over to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial this morning before our flight out at 3pm today.

Yesterday we toured Schloss Linderhof, Oberammergau and Schloss Neuschwanstein. Wow. That's all I can really say. All of the places were beautiful and our guide was a hoot. I will tell lots more later, when I have time to let it all sink in! I did upload all the pictures though, so you can check those out, as always, on my Flickr page.

OK, time to pack and be on our way! Have a great day everyone :)

Til next time...


Monday, October 15, 2007

EuroTrip Part 2!

Monday, October 15th; 3:25pm Munich Time

We made it to Munich, and only with a couple of minor hitches. We couldn't get the doors open off the train at our stop - and nobody would help, nice - so we had to go one more and then turn around and come back. Then we couldn't get out of the train station once we got off the train! But we obviously made it out in the long run.

This hotel is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY nicer than the one in London. We just now arrived so we haven't explored too much. We are going to rest a bit and then clean up some before we head out on the town for a little bit.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, so we are going to make it a semi-early night.

Til next time ...


Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Darker Side of London

Sunday, October 14th; 9 pm London Time

Goodness, lots to tell this time. First off, last night we went on this Sinister London tour and it was FANTASTIC! Easily the best thing we've done in London. It was a private tour, or at least that's what it turned out to be. Just the 4 of us and the guide, Lawrence.

He took us to a bunch of different places and told us about some sinister happenings around town back in the day. We saw some places where Jack the Ripper trolled and did his killings, we saw places that inspired Charles Dickens' and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writing. We spent most of our time in the East End of town which was always the poorest part, its where the Black Plague broke out and we went to the hospital where most of those who suffered from the Plague went to die. There is a beautiful little round circle drive with gorgeous trees all over - it was a Plague pit where they threw the dead, and sometimes the almost dead.

Near that very spot is where William Wallace was drawn and quartered (like in Braveheart), also where the first body snatchers worked - not the alien kind - the medical students from the hospital would go steal fresh corpses from the church next door after the wakes and learn from them and how they died. Which sounds horrible but helped with huge advances in medicine. Just a few steps down from there were still some scars on the walls and sidewalk from the Blitzkrieg of WW2 by the Nazi's.

William Wallace Spot

But I think the coolest part of the whole tour was that we learned the origins of a bunch of sayings like where "hangover" comes from (drunks being hung over a rope by inn keepers when the bar closed), and "one for the road" as well as "on the wagon" about not drinking (both came from the last ride on a horse pulled wagon that prisoners from Northgate Prison took to the hanging tree - they'd stop along the way and let them have one final drink. It was a long road, so their drink was "one for the road" and when they got to the pub they'd fall of the wagon and go in for their beer. I love that kind of stuff, and this guy had a TON of them.

It was a late night but we had so much fun! The only bad thing was that it was dark during the whole tour so I didn't get many pictures taken :(

Then, this morning we got up and headed over to the Tower of London. We took the tour with a Beefeater Guide and then checked out the Crown Jewels, the Bloody Tower and the White Tower where the armories are now kept.

Our Beefeater Guide

After that we headed over to Harrods Department Store and OMG that place is ENORMOUS! Seriously, we didn't even see 1/5th of it. We did stop and have a milkshake in the Chocolate Shop and checked out the amazingly over priced items. 55 pounds for a regular Polo pullover shirt. With the exchange rate as it is now, that would translate to about oh, $125. We decided we couldn't afford that at all, so we left!


After that, the geeks of us came out and we headed over to King's Cross station to see Platform 9 3/4 of Harry Potter fame ... they've got a cool little thing set up so we took pictures and totally dug on it.

Trolley half way through the wall!

As always, all new pictures can be seen on my Flickr page!

Then it was back to the hotel to rest, pack and get some sleep. Tomorrow we head out to Munich!

Til next time ...


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Long day of walking ...

Saturday, October 13th; 6:10 pm London Time

Just a few minutes before we run out to our Sinister London tour, but I wanted to drop in and say hello and that I've put up new pictures from today up until this point.

Today we went to Covent Garden, Cleopatra's Needle, Big Ben, Westminister Abbey and Buckingham Palace. Take a look at them on my Flickr page!

A couple of observations:

1. Apparently the English (or at least not the Londoners) haven't gotten the memo about cigarettes causing lung cancer.

2. The Tube is *always* crowded. But a genius invention. Wish we had one.

3. Pounds are weird. The bills are different sizes and there are like 8 different coins. 1 pence, 1 pence, 5 pence, 10 pence, 20 pence, 50 pence, 1 pound and 2 pounds. About the time I get used to it then we'll be on to Germany where I will have to learn all over again with the Euro.

4. The disabled are screwed in this town. No ramps, not many lifts (elevators), stairs EVERYWHERE.

That's about all for now, off to our tour!

Til next time ...


Friday, October 12, 2007

After a little sleep

Saturday, October 13th; 1:30 am London Time

OK so we've slept for a little bit and aren't as delirious anymore, but we are still jacked up with our time schedule. We are both sitting here wide awake and it is 1:30 in the morning.

Fountain in Trafalgar Square

After a long day of traveling, we rested for a bit and then headed out to see some sights. We headed over to the Lancaster Gate tube stop right off of Hyde Park and got some tickets. We hopped on the tube and went to Leicester Square so that our friends could get some tickets to see a show (they saw Spamalot). Then we walked around and ended up over at Trafalgar Square with the big fountains. That was pretty cool and quite busy.

Tastes Like Chicken

After I stalked some pigeons for their picture, we headed off to Picadilly Circus and let me tell you - they aren't kidding! That place is crazy. There were like a jillion people and signs like in Times Square. Drivers here are nuts, they will just about run you over. Thank goodness on the streets they have painted "Look Right" or "Look Left" or else we'd be smooshed on the road right now for sure.

New Double Decker Bus

We walked forever and ended up eating at a little diner type place. I had bangers & mash (sausage and mashed potatoes for you yankees) with some sort of bread/cake thing with custard and jam for dessert. After a few more stops on the tube we were back at the hotel and ready to fall dead away.

The Tube


Not exactly sure what we'll do tomorrow, but you can be sure I'll take more pictures and have an update as soon as possible!

Traditional Red Phone Booth

See all the pictures on my Flickr page. Til next time ...


Arrived at Last

Friday, October 12th; 2:30 pm London Time ... What an ordeal!

Our flight left DFW on time and although mostly full it wasn't too uncomfortable. As we were approaching NYC the captain told us that there were bad thunderstorms in the city and the landing would be bumpy. Well, it was and I was terrified!!! And then it got smooth again but I noticed we weren't on the ground. About half way through the landing we hit wind shear so they aborted the landing and were diverting us to a different airport ..... IN PHILADELPHIA. Yeah. I KNOW!

So we spent about 2 hours in Philly waiting for the weather to clear up in NYC so we could land. They let us off the plane for a bit and we got some food - thank goodness cuz we were starved. Then we finally got the go ahead to take off and away we went.

Our flight out of NYC to London was supposed to leave at 8:01 pm and we arrived in NYC at a little after 7 pm. So you'd think it would be OK right? Wrong! Since we were changing airlines and a bunch of other jazz we had to go and reclaim our checked bags and then take a train to the international terminal and by the time we got over there it was like 8:30 pm. They said the flight we were booked on was already closed but that they could put us on another flight leaving at 11:15 pm and it wasn't full at all so we said sure. We go through security and walk to the gate for our new flight. And they call the final boarding for our ORIGINAL FLIGHT! We totally could have made it but whatever. We were looking forward to the empty flight.

When we get to the gate area it is very crowded, we soon learn because of a different flight leaving from the adjoining gate going to Vancouver and then on to Hong Kong. Oh my goodness there were a TON of Chinese people on that flight. And more babies than I've ever seen at once in my life. None of whom were happy either. But I won't go on about that.

Finally it was our turn to board and there were seriously less than 40 people on the entire flight. On a 747. A HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE airplane. So, we each got our own whole entire row of seats. We were able to stretch out and lay down to sleep across the row and that made it a nicer flight. Soon, we were landing in London and met up with our friends - who we were supposed to meet up with in New York, but they actually caught the original flight we were booked on - but turns out they were delayed a long while and really only got into London about an hour before we did!!

We met up and got a train to Paddington Station and walked a few blocks to our hotel. When we arrived there was nobody at the front desk and the door was locked. Yikes! But after a little bit a girl showed up and we checked in and walked down what only can be described as a ladder, to our rooms in the basement. They are tiiiiiiiiiiiiny and weirdly laid out. I will take some pictures when I can.

We are about to get out and explore a bit now that we've showered and unpacked a few things ... I'll take pictures!!!

Til next time :)


Thursday, October 11, 2007

And off we go ...

Although we've only made it as far as the airport so far! I am going to try and post pictures and info from our travels so check back often for updates!

This first leg will take us from DFW to JFK airport in New York City. Stay tuned ...


Saturday, October 6, 2007

My first totally completed knitting project!

I just finished these fingerless gloves :) I'm quite proud of them. My friend Amanda weaved in the ends for me (thanks Amanda!) but everything else I finished all by my lonesome.

I am making a headband/ear warmer that matches, and if I'm really ambitious, maybe a scarf after that!

Upclose of Cabling

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Another New Show!!

Wednesday, October 3rd:
Pushing Daisies - I loved this show! It's quite campy and I laughed out loud quite a few times during the hour. The show seems to be cast really well, I love Chi McBride. It has a very Dead Like Me/Edward Scissorhands feel to it. I think they did a good job of explaining what the situation is without taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r like a lot of shows do. And I definitely think the best line of the show was "Bitch! I was in proximity!" which you'll have to watch the episode to understand where that came from :)
Season Potential: I think one of the best potentials of all the new crops of shows. Woo Hoo!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Lesson in Futility ... and Stupidity

So, I found this article earlier:


October 2, 2007 -- Hold the iPhone!

A Queens woman is so angry at Apple for slashing the iPhone's price by $200 less than three months after it went on sale that she's suing the company for $1 million.

And it's all about her profit.

In a Brooklyn federal court suit, Dongmei Li of Forest Hills fumes that because of the Sept. 5 price cut, she won't be able to make as much if she resells her phone.

The iPhone debuted on June 29, an 8-gigabite model selling for $599 and a 4-gigabite model going for $499. But on Sept. 5, Apple halted sale of the 4-gigabite phone and cut the 8-gigabite price to $399.

Li's lawyer, Jean Wang, said her client bought two 4-gigabite models for $499 each with the idea of selling them later on eBay.

"Since they're selling the 8-gigabite phone for $399, there's really no market for her," Wang said.

Can you believe this?! I mean, sadly I actually can. But seriously. I'm so sorry that you are such a dumb ass that you are going to try and sue a huge company for a ridiculous amount of cash because you chose to buy their product right when it came out with the intention of making money on it by selling it for a higher price on eBay and then they lowered their price (which they have every right to do) before you got your butt in gear and put up your auctions. Wow, that was a long sentence but I felt it was necessary. And what kind of moronic lawyer are you that takes this case thinking you could actually win something out of it?! People are truly broken.

Here's the original article :)

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