Friday, June 29, 2007

Random Word of the Day

Occasionally I will have a very random word pop into my head, usually when doing nothing in particular. This morning it happened when I was getting out of the shower. So, today's random word of the day is:


Now, when I thought of this word I wasn't really sure what it meant. I knew it was a name but couldn't recall much other than that. Of course that led me to Wikipedia and to learn more about this name.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Padre, Part 2: Sun, Swimming and Wedding

Sunday began with us sleeping in til nearly 10am which was fabulous - and very apt since that's what Hubby and I like to do when we aren't working, sleep in. Mother-in-law awoke at 7am as usual and exited quietly to go over to her sister's condo and begin with the wedding preparations.

After we shook the sleepies off we headed over to the WORLD'S WORST McDONALDS! This was located right next to the condos we were staying in, and apparently everyone else on the island decided to go to this particular McDonalds right at the same moment that we did. We got in and placed our order .. while we were waiting for our beverages we noticed that the coffee pot was brewing away some nice fresh hot coffee. Into nothing. No pot, no cups, nothing. Just flowing all over the heated base of the coffee thingy and all over the floor. Several employees walked past it (since it was right next to the soda machine) and looked at it and did NOTHING. We finally pointed it out to our order taker and he laughed and then put a pot under the flowing liquid. Nice. I must also mention that people really do not take notice of how they are dressed while wandering around South Padre Island. They will go into any location half dressed and dripping wet with no shoes on, its kinda nasty. But I digress. Once we did get our food, it was very tasty - they are just slow and extremely disorganized.

After the McDonalds experience, we headed back to the room to get on our swimming gear and head down to the beach to meet up with the cousins. As we walked down the path to the beach, we had to pass one of the pools ... and lo and behold, there were the cousins in the pool! So, we stopped there and jumped in with them. It was awesome, the pool was not crowded and we were able to talk and laugh and have a great time visiting with them, all the while getting some rays and enjoying the beautiful day. It wasn't til about 45 minutes after we got there and were swimming that we realized we hadn't put any of the sunblock on .. the sunblock that I had to buy with my hard earned money from the worst store chain on the planet. Hubby jumped out and put some on himself since he will get a sunburn from watching Baywatch on TV. I didn't put any on that time, because I am less sensitive. But I did have a pink face later on and for the rest of the weekend. Its now a toasty brown :) After a while the cousins needed to get out .. one to go put her little one down for a nap and the bride to go help the mom's with setting up the deck for the reception. So, we all got out and dried off and went in.

After dressing and resting a little while, Hubby and I decided to go take a walk. We headed out from the condos down the main strip of the island. Not with anything really in mind, just exploring. We stopped in a couple of the shops along the side of the road ... you know, the ones that say things like "Everything $7.99 or Less!" or "Beach Towels $2.99!" and "Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci - Half Price!". I tried to get hubby to get his hair braided with beads to get into the beach spirit but he didn't go for it. We also contemplated getting either an airbrush or henna tattoo but the decision proved to be too difficult so we chose to forgo either option. After wandering for about 20 minutes we turned to head back to the condo (returning down the beach, which was much better to walk on than the road) to rest and get ready for the wedding.

Marco and JulieWe knew the wedding would be casual, so we put on our comfy clothes and flip flops and headed down to the beach. It was really beautiful, they'd set up an arch with greenery and flowers and chairs for people to sit in. Soon after, the groom and best man came down and took their positions. The preacher looked like a total hippy, it was awesome. The atmosphere was so relaxed, it was probably the best wedding I'd ever been to - save my own of course. A little bit later here came the bride and maid of honor. Everyone looked beautiful. The groom's sister was the photographer and videographer (she's just graduated from film school at USC), I can't wait to see all the official pictures! The ceremony took about 10 minutes, all in all we were on the beach for maybe 25 or 30 minutes. After some pictures, we all headed back up to the condo's for the reception.

The reception was held on the 7th floor outdoor deck of the condo building. We had a nice dinner catered in by a local place - chicken, beef or shrimp kabobs! They were really good. The cakes were yummy and everyone had a fun time dancing and visiting. There were bubbles and poppers for the kids to play with. Although at one point a security guard from the condos came up to let us know that one of the kids was throwing dinner rolls off the balcony down into the pool below! Ha :) After much dancing, drinking, eating and merriment we were beat and headed off back to our room to let the younger folks party the night away. And so they did, we heard that many of them were out partying til after 3am. There is no way I would have made that!

Another wonderful day in sunny South Padre, and a beautiful wedding to boot. We were so happy to have been there to help celebrate. And tomorrow was going to be even better!

Padre, Part 3: Surf, Sand and Sun .... coming soon!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Padre, Part 1: Getting There and Getting Settled

We've been back from our mini-vacation for several days now, and as it seems to always go, life swept me up into itself so I'm only just now able to sit down and put the recap into words. Hubby and I plus mother-in-law headed down to South Padre Island, TX for 4 days to attend Hubby's cousin's wedding. I don't believe I've ever been to South Padre before, or if I had it was a long time ago when I was a wee child.

We left Saturday morning from home about 10:30am to head towards the airport. Our flight didn't leave until 1pm but we had a few errands to run on the way. Getting to the airport was pretty uneventful - in fact, the entire trip was uneventful in a "disaster" kind of way. So, if you are waiting for that you will be sorely disappointed :). This was the first time in her life that my mother-in-law had ever flown anywhere on an airplane! I couldn't believe that when she first told me ... but she did really well, wasn't freaked out by the flight at all. I was more scared than she was! Of course I do have a bit of an irrational fear of flying - but that is a post for another time.

We've been having major rain here in DFW for the past, oh I don't know, 80 days or so, so we were a bit concerned of storms hindering our departure. We did leave about 10 minutes late which put us arriving at our destination about 20 minutes late but all in all that isn't bad. We were flying from Dallas Love Field to Harlingen with one stop in Austin. Upon arrival in Harlingen we walked into SUMMER! It was hot and humidy and sunny and rainless. Just what you would think June in Texas to be like. Finally! Weather for swimming in. An exit was missed on the way to South Padre Island from the airport so we actually went on a detour through lovely Brownsville, TX. Ha! Oh well, worse things have happened.

And did. I had to do something that I hate doing with every ounce of energy in my entire body. Those of you that know me, know that I would not have done this if I had any other choice. We needed to stop and pick up a few things before getting to the condo. We were in Brownsville. There were few choices. Then it happened. We arrived in the parking lot of the local Wal-Mart Supercenter. I won't go into much detail because I'm about to go eat lunch and would really like to enjoy my food. Let's just say that every reason that I hate Wal-Mart is still there, and magnified 10 times over. It was dirty and dark and there were screaming children and rude adults and we were accosted by a group (literally standing in between the exit door and the parking lot) of people as we left attempting to guilt us into buying these crosses made out of wood and giant nails to raise money for some youth organization so they could go to church camp. *Sigh*. The only upside I can think of is that this particular location had self checkout which I opted to use so I wouldn't have to interact with any employee at all. Thank goodness. But, lets move on to happier things.

More BeachWe got to the condos and checked into our room - after only a slight key mishap. These are privately owned condos that the owners rent out during the summer so they are all decorated differently. And might I say, we hit the jackpot. We stayed in a 2 bedroom condo with us in one room and mother-in-law in the other room. It was 2 stories, bedrooms/bathrooms downstairs and living areas upstairs. We had a phenomenal view of the beach and our condo looked like it had been recently decorated with not many expenses spared. All the furniture was beautiful as well as the linens in the bedrooms. There were gorgeous 12" tiles laid in the entire upstairs. We had granite counter tops in the kitchen as well as a large screen TV. These people knew how to have a beach condo! We got settled in and rested for a bit and then all went off for a "rehearsal" dinner, even though there really wasn't a rehearsal :)

We ended up at a restaurant called Scampi's which was pretty nice. Now .... I am not a seafood eater. At all. Ever. And being as how we were on an ISLAND at a restaurant with the name Scampi's I was pretty sure this was going to be a seafood restaurant. However, as with most seafood places I've ever been to (which admittedly is not many) they offered steak for those of us who aren't friends with the food from the sea. I had a lovely steak and baked tater and all was good. There were lots of people there and we had a really good time visiting with everyone and meeting this new extended part of our family. After a lot of food and fun, visiting and pictures, we headed back to the condos to collapse and get ready for a full and fun day of sun worshiping and wedding festivities.

Padre, Part 2: Sun, Swimming and Wedding .... coming soon!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

And here we go again

Another fun day in paradise here. Round 2 of layoffs happened this morning. Hubby and I are still safe, although this is quickly turning into the land of the very sad. *Sigh*


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ANOTHER Kitty Cat????

Ha! Fooled ya :) It is another kitty cat, but this one is crocheted and actually for my friend Gerald. He has named her Akira, and she is very cute.

Kitty Cat Laying Down Kitty Cat

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Seen & Heard

The elevator trip and walk out to my car today after work was a bit surreal ...

Heard in the elevator:
Woman: I've been having nightmares about candles.
Man: Ooh, like a big wax monster coming after you?

Seen in the elevator:
Woman (different one) eating a tomato like an apple.

Heard while walking into the garage:
Dude: And there was this piece of chicken the size of a dice and had 3 bones in it.


Monday, June 4, 2007


I've been a trip booking fool today!

First off, the big fall trip ... Just booked the flight from DFW to JFK which will get us going and get us home as we are flying to London from JFK because of the much better choices of flight departure times. Our friends that we are going with also are picking up our tickets to get from Düsseldorf back to London so we can then fly home very sadly when the trip is all over. Booooooo! But, that means that except for getting from London to Munich and Munich to Düsseldorf we are pretty much ALL SET!!!

Now, we also have a mini-vacation coming up in 2 weeks. Hubby's cousin is getting married on South Padre Island so we are going to go down for a long weekend. That'll be fun, plus the wedding is ON the beach, how cool is that? We are going to ride horses on the beach and hopefully do some shopping and laying on the beach. I'm excited!


Wide Eyed

Meet the newest member of our family .... One of James' coworkers found him/her Saturday in the parking garage where we work! We have no idea if it is a boy or a girl and its back right leg or foot seems to be hurt. James is taking it to the vet this morning (they were closed yesterday) to have it checked out. I'll post more when I know!!! :)

UPDATE: Found out that the new kitty is definitely a boy! And that he's in pretty good shape for being a stray, he's started his vaccines and is having some tests run on his blood just to make sure he's alright. Yay!


Saturday, June 2, 2007

Mayor Bee!

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Friday, June 1, 2007

The Longest Short Week Ever

Here it is, finally Friday! Thank goodness for small favors. We had Monday off for Memorial Day so this was a 4 day work week for me, but still ... the longest week ever. I think that really, this week started for me LAST Friday when I worked from home. See, every year we host a big Memorial Day party for some of our family (there are entirely too many of them to have everyone over at once). It typically consists of Burgers, Dogs, Lots 'o Desserts, Visiting & Swimming. As was the case this year, but with the constant threat of a massive thunderstorm the entire time.

Friday I worked at home so I could wait for the new maid, we switched from Thursday's to Friday's and therefore had a new person. I like this lady, she's very cool and did a great job on the house as I can be a little picky at times. The yard guy was supposed to come later that afternoon to de-weed the flower bed, lay down fresh mulch, mow/edge, etc. But when he hadn't arrived by 4:15pm I called to see what was up. He was running late - and since I was supposed to be at a friend's birthday happy hour by 5:30ish I asked him to come the next morning. Well, wouldn't you know the next morning it was pouring down rain. And continued for several hours. So, he was delayed in coming but finally was able to get here and get everything taken care of and did a very nice job. The rest of Saturday I tried to rest and did a few little things to get ready for Monday.

Sunday was another story. My hubby is off on Sunday's so we went into overdrive mode. There was grocery shopping to do, party supplies to buy, and most importantly .... we had to clean off the back patio. There was a whole winter's worth of grime and gick. That took a while but we got it done, and it looks so nice now! With the proverbial promises made of never letting it get that bad off again. Come Sunday evening I thought we were in good shape and went to sleep feeling pretty good about the next day.

Monday morning I woke up a little before 7 and couldn't go back to sleep in anticipation of a house full of people arriving at 11 o'clock. You see, my biggest desire when people come to my home is that they feel comfortable and have a good time. And this desire makes me STRESS OUT COMPLETELY! Ha! However, pretty much as soon as people arrive then I'm all good. It's the anticipation of arrival that drives me insane. I'm sure it doesn't help that since the moment I was born it was drilled into my brain "If you're not 30 minutes early, you're late." Thank goodness my Mother is exactly like me and arrived at 10:59. But, backing up a little bit ... when I awoke at 7 and went downstairs, I took a fresh look at the house and realized I still had a lot to do! The kitchen had junk everywhere on the counters and the table was filled with magazines galore! So I spent the next couple of hours finishing the last minute things until 10am when it was time to shower and get dressed.

The party was a blast ... we had 19 people, the most we've ever had. The rain stayed away the whole time guests were here - thank you Mother Nature! We had plenty of food and drinks, the pool was delightful and I really think that everyone had a good time. There were no major issues, and only one minor one that was easily remedied. After the last person left, hubby and I both collapsed and took naps! Then it was time to get ready for the work week. Sigh, did I really have to????

The work week has been pretty typical of the last few months. Mostly chaotic and frustrating. Nothing horribly eventful has happened, which I guess is actually a good thing. Hopefully today will be quiet - and there's a happy hour after work so that's something good to look forward to. After all this typing I can't say I'm really sure what the point of this post was other than to just get all this information out of my brain to make room for other, less important things like the season premiere dates for the summer TV shows on USA and TNT. I can't wait for The Closer, The 4400, The Dead Zone and Monk to start back up. I love that these channels are giving us die hard TV junkies something to do during the summer ... you know, other than whining about how we have to wait til 2008 for new episodes of LOST.

I'll leave you with a most awesome quote my friend Diane texted me yesterday very randomly: Some people are like slinkies .... they aren't really good for anything but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

Happy Friday everyone!!!


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