Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mock if you must

I fully realize that my music tastes are more "pop"-y than a lot of my friends. And I'm totally OK with that. Truth be told, I like things that make me feel happy. Music, Movies, TV shows, Books, Magazines, Web Sites, etc. I don't typically like to have to think too much. My brain, in its normal state, thinks too much about unhappy things in the world without help from any external stimuli. I use music/movies/tv/etc to distract my busy brain from unpleasantnesses and give it some focus on things that make me feel good.

I used to say that I liked Top 40 music, but lately I've realized that I'm too old for that anymore. I have a couple of friends who both listen to main Top 40 station here in DFW - 106.1 KISS FM - and they know all the words to all the songs, most of which I've never even heard of the bands! (like these names I just got off their web site that I honestly never heard of before about 2 minutes ago: frankie j, ying yang twins, chamillionaire, panic at the disco) I am more of a MIX 102.9 listener ... or the kewl station Jack FM - where they say they play what they want, but I think really they are crawling around in my head figuring out what I want to hear and then playing that.

My current favorite CD to play on my iPod is Daughtry. Yes, that Daughtry. From American Idol. I know that got a cringe from some of my friends ... they are silently (or not so much) mocking me. And I don't care. It makes me happy, I can sing along to it - and truly, that is one of the big pluses for me with any CD. I LOVE to sing, especially really loud and in the car. I'm one of those people you see driving along shamelessly singing to themselves and loving every single second of it. I've even been known to sit in my car in a parking lot or driveway and finish singing a song before I get out and go inside. Some other bands that I love to sing along with are The Fray, Maroon 5, Collective Soul, Kelly Clarkson, Dave Matthews Band, Hootie & The Blowfish and of course Duran Duran. My next CD will be the new Maroon 5 that came out yesterday. I am quite excited about that one. I've heard a lot of good things about it, I expect to not be disappointed. I'm also thrilled that Kelly Clarkson has a new CD coming out this summer AND I'm planning on going with my friend Susan to see Kelly in concert in September! That is going to be so much fun.

So, you may mock me .. or point and laugh, I really don't care. I like what I like, and I figure I'm old enough now to admit it and be proud. So there.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

End of the Season

I just watched the season finale of The Office ... twice!!!!! Don't worry, I am not going to give anything away but will just say that it was amazing.

Tonight was also the season finales of CSI and Grey's Anatomy - but I haven't watched those yet.

Last night I watched the season finale of Criminal Minds ... that was good too. I just love Mandy Patinkin. I mean, who doesn't love Inigo Montoya? To not love him is inconceivable.

I also watched the next to the last episode of the season for LOST last night ... that show has really turned a corner. I've always enjoyed it, even during the lull, but its coming back baby!

I'm sad for the end of the Network TV Season ... but there are summer shows coming soon! The Closer, The 4400 and more I'm sure! Yay!

I love TV.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Superfluous Buns

I woke up this morning replaying this scene from Father of the Bride with Steve Martin in my head ....

George: I'll tell you what I'm doing. I want to buy eight hot dogs and eight hot dog buns to go with them. But no one sells eight hot dog buns. They only sell twelve hot dog buns. So I end up paying for four buns I don't need. So I am removing the superfluous buns. Yeah. And you want to know why? Because some big-shot over at the weiner company got together with some big-shot over at the bun company and decided to rip off the American public. Because they think the American public is a bunch of trusting nit-wits who will pay for everything they don't need rather than make a stink. Well they're not ripping of this nitwit anymore because I'm not paying for one more thing I don't need. George Banks is saying NO!

Stock Boy: Who's George Banks?

George: ME!

Now, I have no idea why this was going through my head right when I woke up. I don't think I was dreaming about it or anything. But a few things have always cracked me up about this speech ... "superfluous buns", the fact that there are big-shots at the weiner company AND the bun company, and how the stock boy is like "who's george banks?" .. hahahahha!

I swear I didn't have any spicy food before I went to sleep last night.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Here's a bunny I just finished - its very wee and too cute if I do say so myself. I got the pattern from Ana Paula off of, she does fantastic patterns you should check them out!

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Gus!

Yesterday was my car's birthday ... yes, I named my car. His name is Gus. After my grandfather who passed away March 22, 2003. His name was also Gus, August Gustav Christian Becker Jr. If that's not a German name, I don't know what is. That's why I named the car after him - he was a German guy, my car is a German car!

My little Gus was 2 years old yesterday, he came home with me on May 13, 2005 and I just love him. I'd wanted a Beetle for a while, and come to find out many people in my family had once owned Beetles, although I'm the only one so far with the new body style. The others were way back in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Anyhoo ... Happy Birthday Gus, I hope there are many more to come. And, I miss you Daddybear.

Update: 2 days after Gus' birthday he passed a milestone :)

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Party Bag!

I finally finished my bag last night!! Yay :) I think it came out so cute!!! It's not very big and basically will fit my wallet and cell phone - so it will definitely be a going out kind of bag. I just love it!

My New Bag!

Button Closure Flower Charm Inside - with my phone and wallet Right Button Strap Left Button Strap Back of Bag

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Brain is Weird

Here's a conversation I just had with a very good friend of mine on IM ....
and if you are a LOST watcher (if you aren't your brain must be broken) there is sort of a spoiler from last nights episode, don't say I didn't warn you.

Her: look at the red dude!
Her: that’s awesome
Me: he's all mad cuz ben shot locke
Her: haha
Me: and killed uncle rico
Her: poor uncle rico
Me: i know
Me: now he'll never make it to state
Her: haha
Her: I'm going to have to watch that again
Her: I was listening to Canned Heat on my way to work out last night...from his little "skit" and just started cracking up
Her: it does make me wanna boogie
Me: boogie oogie oogie?
Her: haha yeah
Me: til you just can't boogie no moare
Me: wow, what was that spelling?
Her: I dont know
Me: i guess i was thinking moar, like boar
Her: haha
Me: i mean it makes sense .... moat like boat
Me: moar like boar
Me: which means we should spell moast like boast
Her: hahaha
Me: (and toast)
Her: lol
Me: and there is also mode and bode
Her: wow
Me: munch and bunch
Me: oh but wait .... i guess technically there is a bore .. so i guess more is acceptable
Me: my brain is weird
Her: YOU are weird.

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Friday, May 4, 2007


News "teaser" during the last commercial break of the 9pm show ......

Chick: "Some amazing video just in to NBC5: a massive tornado spinning out of control destroying everything in its path."
Dude: "Plus an unwelcome surprise in your driveway ... your wheels and tires gone. The new crime wave coming up at ten."

Not 3 minutes later .....

Dude: "You've got to see this amazing video of a powerful twister threatening homes and drivers passing by."
Chick: "Plus, women worried after a vicious attack on a popular north texas jogging trail. The warning you can't afford to miss when the news starts in 30 seconds."

Now, I don't typically watch the news because of lead-ins like the ones above. However, I thought I'd see if those stories had anything to them. Here's the long and short of it.

Tornado Story -
OK, this massive/powerful/devastating twister happened near Arnett, Oklahoma. Which IS near the Texas border ... the Texas panhandle, which isn't anywhere near Fort Worth or Dallas. Plus, there were no major injuries or anything like that AND the area the tornado went through was mostly farm type land. They had the lead weatherman from our local station reviewing the video giving us a blow by blow as to what we were seeing, as if this was the first tornado ever seen on video. Oh wait, I lied ... a tree did get uprooted and landed in a field, so sorry for the incorrect info. But really, it wasn't something that was on the way to harm anyone in the viewing area, nobody was really hurt, and it was over by the time they showed it to us. So please, explain to me, why? Why, why, why? Why so much stupid drama?

Wheels/Tires Theft Story -
If you don't want your wheels/tires (or anything for that matter) stolen off your car when its sitting in your driveway ... maybe you should put your car in the garage. Ya think? Of course I realize that we should be able to leave our cars in the driveway, and leave the door unlocked, etc and be able to feel safe that we won't get robbed but c'mon. Unless you've been asleep or in a cave for the past 50ish years you should really realize that that is just not how it works anymore. And to top it all of ... the news dude closed the story with this quote: "We don't have any numbers on how many wheels and tires are being stolen off cars, because that is not a specific statistic that police usually track." Nice.

Vicious Attack Story -
This was actually a legit story, a woman was walking home at 8:30pm from work down a wooded jogging path, alone. Wait, isn't this a bad horror movie? Anyway. A man grabbed her off the path and stabbed her until she screamed and he was scared off. This begs the question, why didn't she scream earlier? If that's all it was going to take to scare this guy off ... I think I'd have been screaming from the get go! I mean, if you are going to walk home, alone, on a wooded jogging path, with little lighting, when its getting dark, in a large city ... you should be prepared to scream at any moment. Now, I don't mean to make light of anything that happened to this lady and I'm really sorry she was attacked, but c'mon, let's use our brains ladies. Plus, as the news chick said in closing "none of her wounds were severe". So, there ya go.

I'm pretty sure my ban on watching the local news on TV is standing.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'd forgotten how good ....

I got home from work today a little early so I could be here to wait for the pest control company's regularly scheduled visit and turned on the TV just as the movie Die Hard was getting going - McClane had just killed the first of the terrorists and threw him out the window all the down to land on top of the police officers car. Played by a pre-Urkel era Reginald VelJohnson - who, I thought, was a really good Robin to Bruce Willis' Batman.

I first saw this movie in December of 1988 at the dollar theater on a first date. I've seen it a bunch of times since then but not very recently, I am now sad to say. I completely forgot how awesome a movie this is! Its got some of the best movie lines ever written or spoken. It is also sorta surreal to see how we as a collective people viewed terrorists and how to handle them back in the late 80's. I realize its only a movie, but still ...

Bruce Willis was made for the role of John McClane. And although he played a bad guy in this particular story, I think this marked the beginning of my admiration for Alan Rickman (see, waaaaaay before he was Snape). I was going to post some quotes but there are way too many to have to choose from. So, I'm just going to encourage everyone to watch it again soon :)


Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Here's a good picture I just took of Nova this evening. He doesn't really like the thunderstorms so he sticks close by. I'm also posting this because I'm trying out posting to my blog directly from Flickr. I agree with Parks - technology is cool!


That Old Man Must really be snoring loud

Yet another big storm, at least no tornadic activity this time. (like my fancy weather verbiage I get from TV?) Since it wasn't as bad I took some pics and a video!!! Yay for fun stuff :)

Dark clouds over the house about 2 minutes before the rain started.
Dark Clouds

The rain starts softly, and looks really cool in the pool!
And So It Begins ...

Gotta love the local weather reporting, they have to love springtime in Texas.
Radar & Van in Too Deep

Then I also took a short video with my camera during the most intense part of the rain.

We are all OK, no hail or damage. Just A LOT of lightning and thunder. Everything should be long gone by 9pm, which is very important ... that's when LOST starts. Whew.

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