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I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet ...

Last Thursday, for the 2nd episode of The Office since we came back from the writer's strike, we had a HORRIBLE storm and although we only lost power for about a minute, the entire evenings television lineup was preempted by the fascinating (yes, i'm exaggerating) weather reporters. So, while I was kept abreast of how large the hail was that was falling in downtown as opposed to out on the west side of town - everyone else not in DFW was watching The Office and laughing.

Luckily, someone on our local NBC station mentioned that if the viewers wanted to catch any shows they were missing during the storm, that you could go to www.hulu.com and watch them for free! Friday morning I woke up all excited and checked out the site, and sure enough ... there it was, the previous nights episode in all its glory. I said "getting ready for work be damned, I'm watching The Office!" And then I did just that.

It was hilariously funny and I loved every second of it. Thanks to Jane McGarry - NBC News Anchor - for saving my Thursday night. I'm forever grateful.

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